Steven Reed

My portfolio at a glance.

I'm an highly adaptable Software Engineer with proven results developing solutions at scale. Currently based in San Jose, CA engaged in PayPal's Technology Leadership Program, a two-year track intended to develop high performing technologists into the company's next leaders. Reinforced by experience in marketing and design roles in the e-commerce space I strive to engineer creative solutions and deliver technically sound work that meets revenue-driven objectives. My approach to software development is guided by an appreciation for efficient, functional design in all aspects of life.


A brief summary of my skills and technology I'm proficient with:


  • Languages: Java, Javascript, jQuery, TypeScript
  • Design: CSS, LESS, Sass/SCSS, HTML5
  • Server: NodeJS
  • Frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS, GraphQL
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis
  • Testing: Chai, Jest, Mocha, Nightwatch, React-Testing-Library, Sinon
  • Additional Tech: Babel, Bash, esLint, Jenkins, Kibana, Postman, Teradata, Webpack

My Work

Technology Leadership Program - 2022 Cohort

Dates Employed: Jan 2020 – Present
Location: San Jose, CA

2-year rotational program consisting of four 6 month rotations across the company and subsidiaries with the intent of developing technically proficient leaders at PayPal.

Rotation 1 (Jan 2020): Product Manager, Issuance & Tokenization Platform - San Jose, CA

Software Engineer 3

Dates Employed: Apr 2019 - December 2019
Location: Austin, Texas

Full-stack software engineer & front-end lead developing solutions that scale for enterprise merchants.

  • Front-End Lead
  • Inter-Team Liaison
  • Mentor to recent college grad
Developed Test Account Creation Tool
  • Enabled employees to create hundreds of accounts with very specific characteristics within seconds. Prior to the development of this tool, this process took engineers 2 minutes of manual work per account created.
  • Facilitated testing with large data sets otherwise impossible to create on demand. Without this tool it was impossible to conduct proper performance, load, and functional testing.
  • Offered a command line interface and API for use in variety of environments
  • Recognized by leadership as a breakthrough for testing large data in client facing applications
Additional Work:
  • Managed deprecation of outdated ui library and contributed to development of new replacement
  • Supervised transition of team's project to new team and supported team through 3-month transition period
  • Developed NodeJS services built with scalability and performance as primary guiding principles

Software Engineer 2

Dates Employed: Sep 2017 - Mar 2019
Location: Austin, Texas

Contributed as a full-stack engineer across all facets of NodeJS applications

  • Developed "smart table" ui component using ReactJS for displaying large quantities of data. Included filter, search, sort, and other custom functionality.
  • Introduced build and compiling techniques with Webpack reducing production application bundle by ~60%
  • Built out shared modules aggregating frequently used code snippets into single source for consistency,reusability, and easier maintainability
  • Migrated legacy application from DustJS to ReactJS Major contributor and maintainer of company wide React UI library
  • Implemented testing framework, React unit tests, and code coverage
  • Developed first standard drawer ui component used at PayPal Champion of code quality and testability across applications
  • Developed and implemented shareable code linting config for consistency across team’s code
  • Introduced code quality / coverage gates for PR’s
  • Crafted pull request template creating consistency and simplifying search for code changes
  • Developed an internal tool for creating multiple test accounts with desired attributes.

A look at some of my personal projects. Each section summarizes the role I assumed on the project and the tech stack used.

npm Contributions

npm Packages


Fetches statistics of externally hosted gifs. gif-me-info encapsulates the gify-parse module, handling the data conversion required to fetch gif attributes and providing a promise-based return value. Utilizing ES7 async/await, gif-me-duration was built as a small portion of another application that required gif duration as part of core functionality.

  • ES7, Async/Await, Mocha, ChaiAsPromised
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Front-End Engineer

A version control for recipes enabling users to create their own recipes or "fork" others' existing recipes.

  • MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, Node
  • Axios, Heroku, Material UI, Mongoose, PassportJS, React Router


Software Engineer

Social bill splitting application using Google OCR to split checks with a single image upload.

  • MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, Node
  • Axios, BCrypt, Google OCR, Heroku, Mongoose, Multer, React Router
Captain Memos Pirate Cruise Design

Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise


Custom Wordpress design for Clearwater, FL tourist favorite, Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise.

  • CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Wordpress
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